Depending on the shipping address and the number of items purchased, here are the shipping rates:

Europe & USA

  • Standard shipping (up to 5kg/11 lb) = €5,90
  • Premium shipping (5kg/11lb and more) = €9,90

Rest of the world

  • Flat rate = €12,90

NB: 'Europe' covers the 28 countries in the E.U. (including the UK and Gibraltar), and add to that Turkey and Switzerland. 

'USA' covers the 62 states/territories.

We apply the rule "first ready, first fulfilled". Hence, if one of the product you ordered is ready for delivery, we will send it to you. You could receive many parcels. But who doesn't like opening packages, right? ;)

Don't worry, the shipping rate has been billed one and won't be billed twice if your products are sent separately.

Unfortunately, some of the carriers do not offer systematic tracking. But don't worry, we keep an eye on all the parcels from our end, it won't get anywhere apart from the destination ;).

Just so you know, our manufacturers are located in the US and the UK. It is mentioned in each product page where the product is manufactured. Hence, depending on the shipping address, we would like to inform you on the following:

Products manufactured in the UK

  • Shipping time to the UK: 1-3 days
  • Shipping time to the rest of Europe: 8-20 days
  • Shipping time to the rest of the world: 15-30 days

Products manufactured in the US

  • Shipping time to the US: 5-7 days
  • Shipping time to Canada: 10-15 days
  • Shipping time to the rest of the world: 10-30 days