Frequently Asked Questions


We have limited stocks on our collections, but we would love to hear from you on our contact email address hello@heroine-apparel.com. Feel free to drop an email and submit suggestions :).

Our apparel line is designed to showcase our modern-day heroines but our garnements are actually sized from men standards. Our brand is definitely not specifically targeted to women, we would like everyone to support the message! We have picked the comfiest products, so that it will suit men like their normal apparel, and women for that "boyfriend look".

According to the type of shipment chosen, try first to track your item with the tracking link if any, provided by mail. Note that depending on the item, tracking might not be available. But don't worry, it'll still arrive :).

If your item happens to be lost, we will liaise with the carrier to locate your parcel. Don't worry, if it is actually lost, we will send you another one. It's on us!

First off, we're sorry to hear that :(. Please contact us at hello@heroine-apparel.com so that we can make it up to you ASAP.

We totally get it. Buying online is pretty risky and you could happen to dislike a product once you have it in your hands.

To avoid this situation, we suggest that you check the sizing guide before ordering to make sure you won't be surprised by the measurements. You can also check out our Instagram page @heroine.apparel, where we try to show different types of persons wearing our line, so that you can see how it'll fit you.

If you feel like you didn't get what you paid for, we will make our possible to make it up to you. Please contact us at hello@heroine-apparel.com. 

Say hi at hello@heroine-apparel.com :).